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This is what Dwight Rowland, better known as Euforium, is all about. If you want to see someone who pushes the limits of creativity, questions industry norms, and is as full-circle authentic as they come, then Euforium is the artist to follow. It’s not an idea, it’s a promise. His inspiration draws from niche genres such as nordic folk, cinematic score, and experimental bass. Through years of arduous experimentation, learning, and trial and error, he has successfully fused all of these elements together to pioneer an entirely new genre of dark, melodic dance music. He has distinguished himself with a sonic signature unlike any other. If you try to find an artist with a similar sound, you won’t find one. This is not an accident, it is by design. Although he’s been a sleeper in the game for the past decade, 2020 marks the breakout year for Euforium.  


Euforium has 2 releases under Simplify Recordings released early 2020. Past projects have been self released and have gained support from various tastemakers around the web. 


Euforium grew up in northern California and briefly attended college before deciding to join the US Navy in 2014. His interest in music began when he started playing guitar in his early life. He was then introduced to electronic music production from a friend and what started as a fun hobby evolved over the years into a passion that has been ingrained in him since discovery. Throughout his time in the military he has traveled the world, serving as a helicopter aircrewman and rescue swimmer. He completed his active duty enlistment of 6 years with the Navy in early 2020 and has relocated to Los Angeles to attend Icon Collective. His focus is now entirely on the pursuit of his musical career. Euforium will not be a name you hear...

Euforium will be a name you know.

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